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5 Self-Care Resolutions for 2018

February 11, 2018

follow url FOMO just isn’t cool anymore. 2018 and the future is the time of the independents, whose priority is to look after themselves. We’re not sheeple – we are creators, and we can’t constantly drain our creative energies by forcing ourselves into uncomfortable situations, by knocking ourselves down or not following our passions. So here are some reminders of ways we can incorporate self-care and affirmation into our daily lives and choices this year! When you remodel your home, you have the chance to rethink flow and improve storage, which can help you reduce clutter and stress. Our sense of calm is immediately increased in spaces that are well-organized.

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follow link 1. Stop apologising for your presence. No one is superior, there is no real hierarchy among human beings, we are all equal in our rights to be shown respect and recognition. You deserve to be there. No one else has the right to push you away from any space, or has a right to be there more than you. Stop apologising, and have confidence in what you’re doing. Order Valium Xanax Online 2. Stop focusing on the negative aspects – they’re made up. Why do we always focus on the negatives? We’re constantly zoning in on the things we’re doing wrong, the mistakes we’ve made, and analysing the stupid things we may have said, how unproductive we’ve been, or the elements of our daily lives which aren’t perfect. Why do we insist on draining our energies like this? Why don’t we try to focus on what is positive, what we are glad to have, what we appreciate, and what we would be devastated to lose? Let’s manifest thoughts which make us smile, and reflect on the amazingness which fills every day and is part of our identity! Buy Diazepam 5Mg Uk 3. You never know how shit someone’s day has been. Don’t let how they treat you because of that change your mood.

enter site go to link 4. Reevaluate and take a step back from your insecurities. Laugh at them. Don’t take them seriously. You’ve made them up, they don’t exist. And guess what, every single person in the entire world is dealing with a bunch of insecurities and worries and paranoia of their own. So we’re all just a bunch of awkward, confused beings – some are just better at pretending otherwise than others.

enter site 5. Listen to your body. Make time to to take care of yourself, listen to your needs. Don’t get distracted by what anyone else is doing. If that means staying in on a Friday night because you’re physically drained and just want to cozy up on the couch with a book and don’t have the energy to interact with anyone anyway, then awesome. If that means eating two breakfasts, please do. If that means going for an extra run in the evening cos you’re suddenly full of sprightly energy, seize the moment and go for it. Have a calm and slow evening once a week where you potter around the kitchen like a little old lady, cooking and prepping some meals for the rest of the week. Too cold to run outside? Go to the gym instead. Respect your body, and it will love your life right back at you.

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