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New York

New York: Day in the Life

February 23, 2018

follow url Buy Valium In Uk Cheap New York, Wednesday, February 21st.

follow url here 5:30am: Alarm goes off.

enter site 5:40am: I get out of bed. It’s okay, been awake since 4:30 anyway. Buy Alprazolam Powder China Until 6:10am (no particular order): Pack my bag – asics, sports bra and shorts, water bottle, two small tubs of overnight oats, stevia soda, chargers, mascara, toothbrush & toothpaste, socks. Get dressed – long Cos cream dress, black tights and Chelsea-boot doc martens. Drink a glass of warm water. Check I have my keys, bank card, phone, headphones. Out the door.

click 6:25am: Walk to Blue Bottle café (I live in Williamsburg). Short americano, black – I don’t even have to specify anymore. $3.75. see url 6:30am: Swipe into Equinox. Aka the best gym in the world. Spend 30 minutes getting changed. Still trying to figure out why it takes me this long. Foam roll.

follow url go here 7am: Treadmill, 7 mile run. Stretch, foam roll.

Buy Xanax Xr Online source url 8:10am: Hop into the shower. 8:45am: Whole Foods (it’s right beside Equinox). Buy my daily stevia mineral water. $2. They still don’t have my favorite yogurt in stock. I eat half of one of the small oatmeal tubs. follow site 9:05am: Off to the subway. Google map directions to 51 Madison Avenue. Pitch day with work at an organization founded by Times Inc. I’m totally zen after my run and coffee. Finish the oats on the subway. 9:30am: After two subway rides, I arrive a bit early. Google “coffee near me,” find a Toby’s Estate, grab a cold brew. $4. Take some photos.

click 10am – 11:30am: Realise I love pitching to new clients. You can just walk into that board room and be whoever the hell you want. It’s all about thinking on your feet, saying the right thing, striking a common note. Plus the view from the 30th floor was impressive. 11:30am – 12:30am: We sit in Madison park. The team eats Shake Shack. It’s 72 degrees, and sunny. I drink my stevia soda. Boss gets a message from his partner about a promising proposal lead which is due today. I point out that it’s been in the vetting pipeline for a couple weeks. 12:45pm: Back in Williamsburg. Whole Foods, bag of blanched almonds. $5. They still don’t have my favorite yogurt. 1pm: Back in the office, oats and soup for lunch. Work on case studies for a proposal due in 3 hours. Coffee. Proof the proposal. Arrange dinner at my apartment for Sunday, Netflix sleepover for Friday, coffee date on Saturday, restorative yoga class on Sunday. 5:45pm: Boss announces he’s actually decided we’ll go for that other proposal due in two hours. I usually spend two days minimum putting them together. I write some case studies and a template in 30 minutes, clean up my desk, and leave the office. Forget to leave the receipt for subway transport, go back to the office, leave it at the desk to credit tomorrow, as admin is having serious problems printing our proposal – the page numbers are turning into orange blobs, and the head designer has gone home. I tell my boss to email me if he needs anything else (just checking my email now, and very glad I did).

go here 6:45pm – 8pm: Chuck together some dinner from leftover beans, rice, and salad. Read the Monocle. February edition is all about the crisis of the changing climate of print media. 8:10pm: I realize it’s 72 degrees in New York in February. The planet is fucked.

source url 8:30pm – 9:30pm: I drink another stevia soda, have some oats and a banana, chat with roomies, finish writing and uploading a blog post, get started on finishing another post, have an idea to write a “Day in the Life” post, and write that instead. Dreaming about tomorrow’s morning americano and 7 mile run. 10:30pm: Practice some handstands. Prep my two oatmeal tubs for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch – half a dry cup of oats in each, with chia seeds, greens powder in one, some berries, almond milk. Think I still have some soup left in the office kitchen. 11pm: Bed. Earliest in a long time. Alarm set for 6am. Ready.

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