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Opportunity or Stability: Which Should You Chase? I just got to my desk, it’s Thursday morning in June, 10am, I’m about to eat breakfast. I’ve spent the morning at my favorite cafe, drinking coffee, writing and brainstorming and browsing through storyboard notebooks on the Muji website. A rare yet blissful morning, which happens once a week on my day off from training. […]

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5 Things More Important Than Planning I’m not gonna lie – it took MAJOR planning to get to New York (and I’m by far anywhere near accomplishing any of my life goals). Visas, work experience, jobs, funds, logistics, foresight, etc. It was extremely draining, and I sacrificed a lot. So yes, sometimes a plan is necessary, but only on rare and […]

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How does Instagram make you feel about your life? “Does watching other people’s Instagram stories make anyone else feel shit about your life?’” I recently saw this statement pop up on someone’s Instagram story, and it got me thinking. Admittedly, I spend a lot of time on Instagram. I don’t do Twitter, I don’t love Facebook, but I am totally and utterly enthralled by […]

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5 Self-Care Resolutions for 2018

go here FOMO just isn’t cool anymore. 2018 and the future is the time of the independents, whose priority is to look after themselves. We’re not sheeple – we are creators, and we can’t constantly drain our creative energies by forcing ourselves into uncomfortable situations, by knocking ourselves down or not following our passions. So here are […]

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Have You Forgotten Your Dreams?

here Remember the tunnel vision you had as a kid? You knew yourself so well, you knew your needs, regardless of your surrounding environment, so sure in your dreams, excited for the chance to realise them one day, listening to their gentle guidance at every turn. Oblivious to any distractions, just going along your path. Real […]

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