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Opportunity or Stability: Which Should You Chase?

I just got to my desk, it’s Thursday morning in June, 10am, I’m about to eat breakfast. I’ve spent the morning at my favorite cafe, drinking coffee, writing and brainstorming and browsing through storyboard notebooks on the Muji website. A rare yet blissful morning, which happens once a week on my day off from training. […]

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new york
New York

New York: Day in the Life

New York, Wednesday, February 21st. 5:30am: Alarm goes off. 5:40am: I get out of bed. It’s okay, been awake since 4:30 anyway. Until 6:10am (no particular order): Pack my bag – asics, sports bra and shorts, water bottle, two small tubs of overnight oats, stevia soda, chargers, mascara, toothbrush & toothpaste, socks. Get dressed – long […]

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Coffee Shops in New York City | Devoción, AP Café, Think Coffee

1. Devoción Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. What I drank: Cold Brew Coffee. Verdict: Definitely one of the best cold brews I’ve ever had. It’s reeeally strong with a distinct taste. (This was actually the first cold brew I’d had outside of work, where we have the bottled Grady’s version. A new obsession began.) Inside: Couches. Wide […]

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Moving to New York City: Life After Travel

I move out of my apartment today. This is the first time I’ve rented my own place, the first time I’ve been on a lease, the first time I’ve experienced the horror of parting with enormous chunks of my hard-earned money to “pay the bills” every month. It feels incredibly unfair to have to go […]

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